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Life-Changing Testimonials

from Our RISE  TUTORING Clients

Celebrating Success:  CC's Story

Celebrating Success: CC's Story

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"Best math tutor hands down. Our daughter is gifted, but she struggles with ADD and poor executive functioning skills. We have been paying for tutors the last three years until her school guidance counselor referred us to Rise Tutoring. Her math grades went from C’s to A’s. She got her binders organized so that she could find her materials. Kim also worked with us to set up a regular routine at home that she could follow. We are fortunate to have found Kim and to have solved our homework struggles."  

Mother of a Sixth Grade Student 
"My son is a high school student at Community School. He was not successful at balancing his academics and his sports. Homework assignments were missed, and he would forget when he had a quiz or test. The disorganization combined with his processing disorder left us feeling hopeless that he was going to have a successful school year. When we discussed the problem with his doctor, she told us about Kim Sweat and Rise Tutoring. We called and set up an appointment to meet with her and see what she had to offer us. Right away we could see that she 'got it.' She understood that he is self-conscious about his disability and does not like to ask for help. Kim also realized that he would make more progress meeting at our house vs meeting at the library or other public place. 

"Kim worked with the school and his teachers. After she got him organized, she set up electronic calendars and reminders on his phone to keep him on task. While she monitored his grades and assignment completion, she made our son responsible for taking or getting a copy of class notes. Kim also held him responsible for getting them to her in a timely manner so that she could make Quizlets for him to study in order to improve his test grades.

"As the year progressed, we saw him take more responsibility for his schoolwork, live a more organized life and grow into someone who was fun to be around once again. While I am happy that he got through his 9th grade year with good grades, I am more thankful to have a peaceful home that is once again filled with laughter instead of arguing about schoolwork."  

Mother of a Ninth Grade Student 

"With our family being new to Naples, I was at a loss of how to go about getting my girls the help they needed. Both my girls have IEPs, one High Functioning Autism (13) and the other Specific Learning Disability/Dyslexia (12). 
"Through some online research, I was blessed to find Mrs. Kim Sweat. In speaking several times, Kim came up with a plan of how to best help the girls. She was more than a casual tutor. I could see she was invested in my girls. She seemed to have a strategy for every obstacle. Kim had a special way of dealing with stress factors when they peaked.
"She made the girls feel accepted when they made mistakes and empowered when they got things correct. Kim was also incredibly helpful to me as a mother trying to navigate through a new school system. I’m still amazed to this day.  It’s two years later, my girls have been on their own and doing very well. I don’t know how things would have worked out had I not been lucky enough to stumble across her. We are so very grateful."  

Mother of Two Ninth Grade Students 
"Grateful Mother of an 11-Year-Old Child:
"Kim’s expertise and certifications in many areas of the education field and her knowledge of community resources and services have provided invaluable assistance and guidance in my son’s education and behavioral management. 

"She understands the challenges and learning frustrations special needs children face in their education and development. 

"My son enjoys her tutoring sessions and has improved significantly in his grades.  She specifically guided him through virtual school (e-learning) in fifth grade and helped him keep his grades up.  Kim also encourages my son emotionally and facilitates social skill learning. 

"She is a kind, caring educator who sets appropriate expectations for my son and believes in his ability to accomplish his best work.  She is awesome!" "  

Mother of Fifth Grade Student 
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