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Specialized RISE TUTORING Services Include

e-Learning and e-Collier support for students receiving

remote education

In-home tutoring and flexible scheduling — including early mornings, evenings and weekends

Personal evaluation
to assess each student’s strengths and weaknesses

Highly personalized lessons
that implement the latest research-based teaching methods

with parents and teachers

Teachers with Orton-Gillingham certification for students who struggle to read, write and spell

Educational counseling 
that provides your student academic tools leading to success


Help with

Relief for parents who no longer need to be the “homework police”

Improvement of reading and spelling skills using a multi-sensory approach

Electronic study guides created with student
before upcoming tests

Practice with good study habits

Lessons developed for a solid retention of skill sets

Skill instruction
to mastery through specialized lessons

Support to
avoid the “Summer Slide”

The Tutoring Service We'd Want
for Our Own Children

What's the difference between working with a regular tutor and RISE TUTORING?

RISE TUTORING | Differences Between Working with a Regular Tutor and RISE TUTORING

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