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RISE TUTORING Provides e-Learning Support for Home Education Students

Sometimes what should be a simple, one-hour lesson
can leave you feeling anxious and stressed. 
Knowing you have options to have a tutor who will come to your home and work with your student, or who will provide online or virtual coursework can take the pressure off of your family!

Making distance learning work for your family requires balance, patience and flexibility — even more so if you are a working parent. At RISE TUTORING we will help ensure that your child completes his or her lessons. We also assist in making assignment task lists.

We work around your family schedule.

One of the main tenets of RISE TUTORING is we are a team that includes your child’s teacher, your family and the tutors who are matched to meet the needs of your student.

Together we help foster your student’s success and

empower your learner during these unprecedented times. 


In addition, RISE TUTORING identifies your student’s learning style to create the best learning conditions and to maximize his or her success. It is critical that the tutor use these individual strengths to reinforce the digital, e-Learning content.

Finally, we teach your student all of the available tools needed to be successful with e-Learning. Knowing how to complete and submit his or her work in a variety of formats can make the difference between success and ongoing frustration. 

As a team, we will work together to decrease the frustrations
often found in e-Learning education.

As a team, we will celebrate your student's positive efforts and school success!

Please contact me with your questions about e-Learning
in our Naples schools or to schedule a visit.


Thank you!

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