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Kim Sweat | Owner | Teacher | Educational Partner | RISE TUTORING

Kim Sweat

Owner | Teacher | Educational Partner

I believe that every student deserves to be happy and
find success with his or her education, and I enjoy helping
my students and their families reach that success. By partnering
with each family and school, we achieve the highest results possible.


Students with specialized learning needs require something more than just after-school tutoring.  They require and deserve the personalized instruction that will enable them to rise above their individual and unique leaning challenges.  The instruction needs to be delivered in a way that will maximize retention of new skills and of the subject curriculum.

For the last 25 years as a public-school educator, I have been teaching students with unique challenges.  I also have an adult child who struggled throughout her schooling as a student with learning disabilities as well as with medical complications.  I speak with experience about the daily frustrations students, parents and schools have when a student has difficulties being successful with school and daily life!

To provide support for families of students with unique learning challenges, I have created a network of certified teachers.  Their certifications range from Kindergarten to 12th Grade and include specific subject areas as well as Regular Education and Exceptional Student Education.  They deliver student-focused instruction based on individual learning needs.

Before working with each student, our teachers use current and historical data-based information to guide their specialized instruction during our tutoring sessions.

If your student in the Naples area could benefit from RISE TUTORING, I would welcome the opportunity to partner with you, your student and your student’s school.  

Please contact me with your questions or to schedule a visit.

Kim's Educational Awards & Credentials

  • Golden Apple Teacher in Collier County

  • Teacher of the Year (Southern District, Palm Beach County)

  • Certified to Teach in Florida, K-12th Grade

  • B.A. in Elementary Education

  • M.Ed in Educational Leadership

  • Certified in Exceptional Student Education

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Endorsement

  • Reading Endorsement

  • ESOL Endorsement

  • Orton-Gillingham Certifications

  • Teacher of Distinction for Three Years

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